Performax Hockey in partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods is pleased to announce its Member Discount Program. For members, family and friends see the enclosed coupons for your shopping use. The coupons are valid all year long and can be printed out or scanned into your mobile phone and used when you shop at Dick's.

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2013 Adult Instructional Hockey Program
'the longest consecutively running and most comprehensive program of its' type in the country'

The 2013 Adult Instructional Hockey Program starts Tuesday, Feb 19th at the North Buffalo Rink. The sessions are each Tuesday evening beginning at 10:30pm for 90 minutes.

The '100 level' is open to men and women and no experience is required. The first 12 weeks are comprehensive instruction leading to 6 developmental games. Members are afterward formed into a team and offered a chance to compete at the 2013 Greater Buffalo Senior Hockey Invitational held by Performax Hockey. This year's tournament is May 3rd through 5th. Afterward the group is offered a chance to compete in the 2013 Summer League.

Buffalo Sabre Alumni will later be joining in sessions as your guest instructors. Performax Hockey makes use of video analysis and other electronic devices to assist your skill development. We also include heart rate analysis for those interested to demonstrate the demands of hockey and to assist you in your personal fitness efforts. In addition, off ice work outs are available in both individual and group formats to assist your general and hockey specific fitness.

To enroll:
  • $50 to reserve a spot
  • $100 due Feb 19th
  • $100 due Mar 19th
  • $100 due April 16th
  • $45 due May 14th
  • $99 for Veterans, the first 12 weeks.
  • $149 for full-time league members, the first 12 weeks.
  • Past members $99 for Phase I, the first 12 weeks.

Mail checks's to:
Performax Sports LLC
PO Box 14
Orchard Park, NY

Credit Card payments, use the attached credit card form and send via scan-email, fax or US mail.
(716) 662-3420 fax

What you can do:

Reserve your spot. Get your equipment together and set your calendar. Become a member of USA Hockey at and print the verification for yourself as a new member. Identify your favorite numbers for your jersey and email it Think about the position in hockey you would like to play. Gather your equipment!

Coach Frank can advise on specific items. Area stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Great Skate, Front Row Sports, Buffalo Sports Exchange, Leisure and Holiday Twin Rinks are all familiar with our program and can assist you.